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Posts from January 2016


I recently heard a story about a boy growing up in the Congo, one of the poorest nations in Africa. He was one of seven children living together with all his other relatives in one small home. As you can imagine, life was difficult for this boy… especially seeing so many around him dying from […]


There’s no doubt that God has given the Spirit Tribe an incredible, life-altering assignment to go into ALL the nations, proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom. And yet, we’ll only be impactful to the degree that we maintain friendship with God as an absolute priority. Of course, there’s a sense in which the […]


Although I’d like to consider myself a rugged outdoorsman, just getting those words off my lips would be stretching the truth more than integrity would allow.  Like it or not, I’d rather be in a hotel than in a tent; I’d rather get close-up to animals in a zoo rather than in the wild; and […]