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I know it’s a bit presumptuous for a “slightly older” guy like me to speak for a whole other generation, but I believe that many of our young adults in the Vineyard are bored. Terribly, terribly bored. There are probably a lot of reasons for that.  What’s coming to my mind at the moment is that while we, in the Vineyard, have a clear vision to plant churches, there are very few on-ramps for someone to participate in seeing this vision accomplished… except becoming a church planter or missionary, of course. It’s like inviting someone to drive from New York City to Los Angeles… except that there are only two entry ramps to get you on that highway.

But the truth is, that if I were to ask a thousand young adults in the Vineyard if they saw themselves as church planters or missionaries, very few would say yes.  So, the big question is, “What about the rest of us?”  It’s not that you don’t want to serve. Just the opposite!  But, again, it just may seem as though there are no on-ramps for “regular Christians.” Well, if that’s how you feel, than know that you’re in good company. In fact, there are probably thousands of other young adults in the Vineyard feeling the same way.  And because of this… because there are no on-ramps that would allow you and others like you to join in what God is calling our Movement to, you may have pulled back a bit and, before long, that passion to join God is His work may have grown dim.

For young adults, the idea of “joining a church plant” may sound unappealing.  But what if a small community of young adults chose to “do life” together in an urban, ethnically diverse, poor neighborhood?  And, what if that community was made of up people… friends you love? What if you moved into this neighborhood as tentmakers… where those of you who teach would teach? Where those of you who are in business continued to work in business? Where all of you lived Kingdom lives reflecting your unique gifts & talents… while, all sharing a common passion to see those around you know the love of Jesus in their lives?

Seriously, how boring could it be to move into the massive Cambodian community in Long Beach, California with a group of other young adults from around the Vineyard?  Or, to be part of a group of young adults who decide to “do community” in the middle of an Afghan neighborhood in Virginia or a Somali neighborhood in Lewiston, Maine?  What could happen as you commit to pray for your Afghan neighbors, for example… as you minister together to the poor or illiterate amongst them?What difference could it make as you invite your Muslim neighbors to your apartment for a big meal or have a birthday party for some of the Hindu kids in your neighborhood? Truth is, you may see the Kingdom break in like never before!  Suddenly, you’re hanging with Muslims… reading the New Testament with them.

Without even realizing it’s happening, your initial community is growing.  People are being loved… they’re being served and prayed for. Their lives are changing. Can you imagine it? You see, this isn’t about “church planters”. It’s about teachers, Starbucks barristers, engineers, college students, business people, you name it, moving into an urban, ethnic community together in the US and around to the world… people like you… to give birth to a meaningful, ethnically rich community of faith.  Nothing much boring about this!  It’s life changing. Something that would probably make your faith more real than it’s ever been before.

As a “Spirit Tribe”, our vision for this is called Our heart is to encourage and empower communities of young adults to move together into urban, poor areas with a high concentration of unreached peoples. It’s so possible… a “Move Together” team “doing Kingdom life” together in the Iranian community in Los Angeles… in the Tibetan community in New York City… in the Hindu community of Sugarland, TX… in the Somali community of Lewiston, Maine, to name a few! If you have a heart for an urban poor, unreached immigrant community in the US, then message us on FB at “Vineyard Spirit Tribe.” If you have a heart to do this overseas, than we will work with our partners, Global Opportunities, to help you and your MoveTogether community find jobs.  If, in the past, you’ve felt as though there weren’t any entry ramps for you to be a part of something like this, than that is changing.  You can be part of a movement that can change the world one neighborhood at a time.