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I recently heard a story about a boy growing up in the Congo, one of the poorest nations in Africa. He was one of seven children living together with all his other relatives in one small home. As you can imagine, life was difficult for this boy… especially seeing so many around him dying from preventable diseases. But, even as a powerless, impoverished little boy, he offered this one big prayer up to God…

That one day he would be able to build a hospital in that little village. But how? He had no connections, no resources… nothing. But there was something different about this little boy. You see… this young kid knew how to pray bold prayers. “God, give me a way to bring this dream to pass!” And then something started happening… He started growing. 5 feet… 6 feet… 6’5”… 6’10”… 7’… 7’2” ! And along the way, he started playing basketball on a dirt playground in that village.

After he graduated with straight As from his local village school, he began applying for scholarships to study abroad. It was an impossible dream. So, he prayed really big prayers. And, amazingly, he got a scholarship to Georgetown University. A supernatural break.  He went to study medicine so he could go back and minister in his village.

But while there, the basketball coach noticed him and asked him to try out for the team. He not only made the team, but he became a star player. He was so good that he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets… And would eventually play for the Nets, Knicks, and the Houston Rockets. In fact, Dikembe Mutombo became one of the best NBA players of our time.

But more amazing that that, Dikembe donated 15 million dollars to build that hospital.And, in July of 2007, he brought a number of other NBA players with him to dedicate a brand new 29 million dollar hospital in the Congo. God is ready! If we would bring Him bucket sized prayers… than know that God has a way of making those prayers come to pass. What is your BHAP… your Big Hairy Audacious Prayer today?