Healing on the Streets

about ‘Healing on the Streets’

Healing on the Streets (HOTS) is a simple yet beautiful way to reach out to the lost and hurting on the streets of your town or city. It enables you to connect with your community every week, powerfully expressing God’s love to those you meet. We simply invite people to sit on the chairs so we can pray for them.

The HOTS model is simple yet profound, gentle yet powerful, full of God’s presence and overflowing with love. We create a thin place on the streets where heaven and earth meet, and where people can encounter Jesus. It is marked by a true sense of peace. The Kingdom comes and stillness falls as the deepening presence of God draws their hearts. Overtime we build relationships, connecting the brokenness of our streets with the love of His heart and creating stepping stones for people to come to Jesus and be healed along the way.

It is a model of grace and mercy into which God has breathed life, and since then, the HOTS model has been adopted by many churches and is spreading around the globe, changing lives and drawing people to a relationship with God. It is amazing what happens when the Church gets out onto the streets, when lives and communities get the chance to experience the Kingdom and encounter the King.

For More information please visit: http://njvine.com/hots/

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