DESTINATIONS, Part 2: Why is it So Hard?

Vineyard Morris Plains
Vineyard Morris Plains
DESTINATIONS, Part 2: Why is it So Hard?


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You see, in every arena of life, there’s a path that we take… a financial or relational path, for example. And every one of these paths has a destination.

  • And when we stop to think about it, we realize, as we talked about a last week,
  • that there really is a disconnect between where we want to be… and the path we choose to walk down in life.
  • “I want to grow old and invest in my grandchildren, so I’m going to neglect my health.”
  • “I want my children to be brought up with the same Christian values I had, so we are going to keep missing church.”
  • “I want to lose weight, so super-size that, would you?”
  • “I don’t want to live with financial pressure, so I’m gonna live beyond my means.”
  • “I want to be a generous, giving person, so I’m going to spend all my money on me.”