How to get Closer to GOD

Vineyard Morris Plains
Vineyard Morris Plains
How to get Closer to GOD

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Welcome to part two of our Fifty Days of Transformation series!  This morning we’re going build on the foundation Michelle set last week…

  • as we start looking at the first of seven key areas of our lives; Spiritual, Relational, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, Vocational
  • Seven dimensions of our lives, in which most of us would want to make at least some changes or renovations.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of HGTV’s “Fixer-Upper,” watching Chip & Joanna Gaines…

  • Who have a way of transforming a home-improvement nightmare into a home that anyone who love to live in.
  • Well, after watching the show a bit, you get a feel for how Joanna is going to respond as she walks into the house she’s about to remodel.


As she walks in the front door, she’s gonna take down the popcorn ceiling and put in can lighting

  • Then she’s going to take down the walls and really open up the space while putting in new French doors.
  • Then, in the kitchen, she’s going to open the walls, add a big island, put in new cabinets, and so on.


Well, through these next seven weeks, we’re going to walk through these seven rooms in our lives…

  • So, that, at the end of this time, it won’t just be Chip & Joanna who did an amazing, transforming work in our lives, but our Heavenly dad
  • Which is a great thing, because nobody knows us like Himnobody loves us and has a vision for who we can become, like Him!