Vineyard Morris Plains
Vineyard Morris Plains


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Let me ask you a question… How many of you are not so good with directions? Are you someone who gets lost a lot?

  • I can see some of you nodding your head, sort of pointing toward the person sitting next to you!
  • From where I’m standing, it’s pretty clear that it’s the wives pointing to their husbands!

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a total mess with regard to finding my way, but I can tell you that Joyce is way better.

  • Actually, even with a GPS, I got myself a bit lost last month when I was in Armenia!
  • After five days of meetings I wanted to get away just to clear my head and pray.

So, I decided to go to an ancient Armenian monastery for a few days called Tatev, built in the 800s.

  • I got in my rental car and headed south from Yerevan, first stopping at Khor Virap, a church first built in 642.
  • As you can see, it stands right in the foothills of Mt. Ararat!
  • About five hours later, at least according to the GPS, now deep in the mountains of southern Armenia, I knew I was getting really close to Tatev.