Lighting Torches of Faith

Vineyard Morris Plains
Vineyard Morris Plains
Lighting Torches of Faith

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While meeting with one of our leaders earlier this week, we found ourselves talking about how we can more effectively impact our area with the love of Jesus.

  • How we can more effectively make Him know in our area.
  • And as we were talking about that, for whatever reason, I kept thinking about Fort Nonsense,
  • A fort commissioned by General George Washington in Morristown in May of 1777.


Now, for those of you who don’t know, Washington arrived in Morristown in January of 1777 after victories at Princeton and Trenton.

  • In fact, with the worst of winter on its way, Washington decided that the Continental Army would remain here till spring.
  • But, before leaving Morristown in May, Washington ordered a number of troops to remain in the town to protect its citizenry and stores.


But he also ordered the construction of a fort on a hilltop overlooking Morristown…

  • where the troops stationed here could retreat to in the event of a British invasion.
  • Because it looked out over the valley, Washington could easily spot any movement coming from NYC, where the bulk of the British army was stationed.
  • But the British never came and, in spite of the time and resources required to build it, the fort was never used… which is probably why it was called Fort Nonsense.

So, we’re talking about how we can reach this area with light and love of Jesus… and I keep thinking of this fort.

  • In fact, I felt God saying that He’s going to rename that Fort.
  • So, that evening, Joyce and I and a handful of others went up to Fort Nonsense to pray and to seek God’s heart for our area.