Our Master Teacher

Vineyard Morris Plains
Vineyard Morris Plains
Our Master Teacher

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I’ve spent a few days up in Maine back in January teaching at the Heroic Leadership Institute,

  • Which is one of the Vineyard’s schools of ministry for young adults.
  • It’s basically a 9-month program that covers things like the supernatural life, missionary life, and contemplative life in a context of amazing community.
  • It was great being able to spend that time with such an amazing group of young people… so eager to grow and learn!


Not really knowing what to call me, one of the students there called me “Teacher Craig,” which cracked me up a bit.

  • But hearing that got me thinking about my Teacher… about our Master Teacher, Jesus!
  • Just think about your favorite teacher growing up… and then think about what makes that teacher great.


They’re probably humble… able to speak simply because they’re not trying to impress you with their knowledge.

  • Great teachers are patient…they’re kind & show respect… they have great enthusiasm for what they’re sharing.
  • Great teachers are really good at “show-n-tell”, not just explaining a concept but demonstrating it as well.