Touching the Untouchable

Vineyard Morris Plains
Vineyard Morris Plains
Touching the Untouchable

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A few years ago, I was attending an evening service at a Vineyard in Arizona where my friend, Robby, was the main speaker.

  • And, pretty much out of nowhere, he asked if I’d come up to do some ministry.
  • Since he asked me publically to come up I couldn’t really say no, so off I went to the podium.


But God quickly gave me a word of knowledge that there was someone whose hands and wrists were in pain.

  • Now, I’ll tell you… it gets a bit scary when you put yourself out there like that.
  • But, a woman immediately raised her hand. So, I invited her up so I could have her share her story… and so I could pray for her.


She shared with everyone how she had recently lost her job as a dental assistant because she couldn’t hold even the lightest instrument for any amount of time.

  • She had been to various doctors… and surgery seemed to be the only option for her…
  • but, because it was related to damaged nerves, they couldn’t make any promises.