Master Teacher

Touching the Untouchable

Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes A few years ago, I was attending an evening service at a Vineyard in Arizona where my friend, Robby, was the main speaker. And, pretty much out of nowhere, he asked if I’d come up to do some ministry. Since he asked me publically to come up I […]

Paying Attention

As we continue our series called “The Master Teacher,” I’d like to begin by looking at an amazing encounter between Jesus and a man who was, in almost every way, ignored by the world him. Starting with verse 1 of John 9, we read that “As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who […]

Our Master Teacher

Please Click image for Complete Sermon Notes I’ve spent a few days up in Maine back in January teaching at the Heroic Leadership Institute, Which is one of the Vineyard’s schools of ministry for young adults. It’s basically a 9-month program that covers things like the supernatural life, missionary life, and contemplative life in a […]