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A Living Hope

To download this sermon transcript, click: A Living Hope, July 20, 2014    A Living Hope July 20th, 2014   As the Holocaust began, the eminent neurologist & psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl, was forced onto a train heading to the horrific Auschwitz concentration camp. –      He was accompanied by his wife, Tilly, who would soon be shipped […]

The Long and Winding Road

To download the text for this message, click:  Long Winding Road 2014   The Long and Winding Road August 24th, 2014   In the spring of 1970, the Beatles released their final studio album called “Let it Be.” –      And on it was my favorite McCartney songs called “The Long and Winding Road.” –      It […]

Hope in the Midst of Uncertainty

To download the transcript, click on… Hope in the Midst of Uncertainty, 8-10-14   Hope in the Midst of Uncertainty August 10th, 2014   If you weren’t here a few weeks ago, I spoke about living life rooted in hope… a life that is anchored in the promises of God. –      And yet, living a life […]

Come To Me!

To download this message transcript, click: Come to Me! 7-6-14 (1) Come to Me! July 6th, 2014 Before I met Joyce back in my 20s, we each had a few hobbies that we never really continued with after we got married. Joyce was a ballroom dancer… and was really good at it. In fact, she took […]