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That’s NOT all, folks!

Please Click Imaage for complete Sermon Notes   I’m so glad that you’re here this Easter Sunday as we focus in on the life & hope we have through the death & resurrection of Jesus. Just two nights ago we celebrated Good Friday… where all of our attention was given to the incredible love of […]

Out of the rock

Please click image for complete Sermon notes Jesus walking with His disciples who were no doubt talking about all the amazing thing they had seen Him do. So, hearing all this, Jesus turns to them and asks, “Who do the people say that I am?” “Well, some people say Elijah, others say that You’re one […]

Kingdom Keys

Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes Well, for us as Jesus-followers, every moment we share with the Father… experiencing for ourselves His love & goodness & nearness; Each and every time we experience His power… seeing the lost saved, for example, the sick healed, the demonized delivered… Each and every time, we’re being given […]

My Sort-of-Sabbaatical

Please click image for complete Sermon Note Now, this word, “sabbatical” comes from the Hebrew words, “Shabbat,” which means “ceasing”. But as appealing as it might sound to just “cease” for six weeks, nobody thought that would be easy for me! Unless, I was to just get away somewhere, there would inevitably be many distractions. […]