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Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes Let me ask you a question… How many of you are not so good with directions? Are you someone who gets lost a lot? I can see some of you nodding your head, sort of pointing toward the person sitting next to you! From where I’m standing, it’s […]

HIS presence in hard places

Please click image to for complete sermon notes Truth is, challenges & hurts & suffering… they’re all a part of our human experience. Obviously, what that looks like is a lot different in one context than another… but, one way or another, we all suffer. I remember reading an article years ago written by a […]

Waiting on Hope

Please Click on Image for Complete Sermon Notes As you might know, I’m not exactly the most sports-inclined person you’ll ever meet. But I was a third party to a baseball-related conversation a few years ago that was surprisingly interesting! What I learned was that, in baseball, when the guy who throws out the first […]

Hope And the Good News of Jonah

Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes As I’ve traveled to Turkey and Armenia over the past few years, I’ve been blessed to hang out… With a great number of amazing men & women who have given every part of their lives to Jesus. I’ve gotten to know a pastor in Armenia, for example, who, […]