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Becoming a Ripple-Maker

Please Click image for complete sermon notes I was spending a little time at a lake in Randolph recently… reading and praying… just spending some time with God. And while standing at the waterline, I remembered all the times, when I was a kid, trying to skip rocks at Van Saun Park. It was always […]

Elisha: Building A Spiritual Legacy

Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes When the Olympic games originated back in ancient Greece in 776 B.C., athletes from all around the country reached their unlit torches into the flame at the Altar of Hestia in Olympia. And with those torches in hand, those first runners ran until they reached another altar in […]

The Elijah Chronicles

Please click Image for complete sermon Notes For those of you who weren’t here last Sunday, we had invited anyone who wanted to come, To meet together after the service at Fort Nonsense, a fort built by George Washington in 1777 overlooking Morristown. We met there to not only pray over this area… but to […]

Lighting Torches of Faith

Please Click Image for Complete sermon Notes While meeting with one of our leaders earlier this week, we found ourselves talking about how we can more effectively impact our area with the love of Jesus. How we can more effectively make Him know in our area. And as we were talking about that, for whatever […]

His Indwelling Presence

Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes When Joyce and I lived in Tajikistan back in the 90s, there were always those moments when we’d be really homesick for our families back home. And, unfortunately, for the first few years that we lived there, there was just no reliable way to communicate with them. In […]

Wired to Serve

Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes  I was reading a Psychology Today article a few days ago about a very successful & wealthy businessman. This guy, was filled with ambition and was at the top of his game. It was in his blood. As young man, he was always reading profiles of all the […]

Discerning the Voice of GOD

Please click image for complete sermon Note As I get started this morning, I want you to think for a moment about expectations… Because, whether you’re conscious about them or not, we all have a lot of expectations that we carry through our everyday lives. Right now, for example, you might have some expectations about […]