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Sermons on Matthew

Kingdom Keys

Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes Well, for us as Jesus-followers, every moment we share with the Father… experiencing for ourselves His love & goodness & nearness; Each and every time we experience His power… seeing the lost saved, for example, the sick healed, the demonized delivered… Each and every time, we’re being given […]

Walking with Jesus

Please click Image for Complete Sermon Notes As we inch up to the end of the summer, I’d like to throw a question out at you that I hope we’ll all process a bit over the next few weeks as we head into the Fall. It’s an important question, because how we answer it will […]

Come To Me!

To download this message transcript, click: Come to Me! 7-6-14 (1) Come to Me! July 6th, 2014 Before I met Joyce back in my 20s, we each had a few hobbies that we never really continued with after we got married. Joyce was a ballroom dancer… and was really good at it. In fact, she took […]