Sermons on Proverbs

Discerning God’s Will

Please Click Image for complete Sermon Notes Although 9 out of every 10 of Americans believe in God, as you can imagine, what everyone believes about God can quite different. If there is a God, for example, then is He active in our lives? Or does He just make a few cameo appearances from time […]

Destinations, Part 6

For Complete Sermon Note Please click Image As we’ve been walking out this series called “Destinations,” there’s a popular expression I’ve thought of quite a bit… An expression you’ve no doubt heard or read yourself… that “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” But if the destination is becoming the kind of person God’s called […]


Please Click Image for Complete Sermon Notes Let me ask you a question… How many of you are not so good with directions? Are you someone who gets lost a lot? I can see some of you nodding your head, sort of pointing toward the person sitting next to you! From where I’m standing, it’s […]