Discerning God’s Will

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Although 9 out of every 10 of Americans believe in God, as you can imagine, what everyone believes about God can quite different.

  • If there is a God, for example, then is He active in our lives?
  • Or does He just make a few cameo appearances from time to time?
  • Is He the kind of God we can have a connection with?
  • Or someone whom we’re meant to simply appreciate from afar?


Is He the kind of God who simply set the world in motion and left the rest up to us?

  • Or the kind of God that is orchestrating all the events on earth according to His purposes?
  • I’m sure you’ve heard questions like these… and have even asked a few of them yourself.
  • One of the questions I hear a lot is whether God has a specific will or plan for their life, and, if so, how can you know it?


It’s a good question. In fact, let me ask you… how many of you are in a place in your life…

  • or coming to that place of having to make a pretty significant decision? A career or financial decision?
  • A decision regarding a relationship? Something that could impact a whole season if not the rest of your life?
  • A decision where it would be really helpful if God would show you what He thinks is best?


Well, over the years, I’ve seen Jesus-followers employ all different approaches to determine what God’s will might be for them.

  • There’s the ol’ Finger-in-the Bible approach, for example, where you just open the Bible anywhere…
  • and point your finger at the verse you hope will answer all your questions!