Elisha: Building A Spiritual Legacy

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When the Olympic games originated back in ancient Greece in 776 B.C., athletes from all around the country reached their unlit torches into the flame at the Altar of Hestia in Olympia.

  • And with those torches in hand, those first runners ran until they reached another altar in Greece.
  • And, after they ignited the flame at that altar, another group of runners would then reach their unlit torches into that new flame… and run to the next altar…


Lighting the flame there so the next group of runners could carry that torch to the next altar.

  • These runners, called “Heralds of Peace,” did this until all the altars around Greece were lit.
  • The symbolism was very clear & very sacred to them… representing the life & knowledge that gets passed down from one person to the next… from one generation to the next.


You see, in ancient Greece, these Olympic runners, these Heralds of Peace, were the keepers of the flame… the passers of the torch.

  • And, as I shared two weeks ago, God’s people have been given this same assignment…
  • To pass on the torch of faith that started with Abraham back in Genesis 12.


That’s why it was so important for Abraham to light the torch of faith to Isaac

  • Who would then ignite the torch of faith in Jacob’s life, then Joseph’s.

You see, we read what may seem like endless genealogies through the Old Testament.