Finding Refuge in the Caves of Life

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While in the car with Sarah a few weeks ago (my 16-year-old), she started talking about how similar we are in terms of our personalities.

  • Now, if you know Sarah and I than you no doubt already knew that… but for a teenager to make that fatal confession, that “I’m like my dad” is no small thing!
  • One of the things she mentioned is how we both find solace out in nature… that we both connect best with God in the mountains or starring into a dark star-filled sky.


In fact, when she was little, we had a hot tub on our deck and we used to all love going out a night, especially in the winter… learning the names of the constellations…

  • Reflecting on the fact that God created each of them with just a thought and knows each of them by name.
  • As we were talking, I thought about a few of the more profound moments I’ve had with God.