Generous Living

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I think one of the most anticipated moments in the development of a human being is when a little baby boy or girl utters their very first word;

  • That time, in a tiny person’s life, where strange parents, like me, wait with desperation to hear their perfect little baby speak either the word “mama” or “dada”.
  • Never has my inbred competitive human nature been exposed more passionately
  • then when I secretly spent hours coaching my innocent girls to speak the words “dada”.


Needless to say, the whole thing was probably very confusing to our little kids… particularly because we spend every moment of their first year or two trying to get them to speak…

  • Only to spend every moment of the NEXT 10 years trying to get them to be a little more quiet!
  • Now, some of you may be wondering whether Rebecca and Sarah first spoke the word, “moma” or “dada” first.
  • But, just to show you how I’ve matured since then, I’m just going to keep it to myself!