Hope And the Good News of Jonah


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As I’ve traveled to Turkey and Armenia over the past few years, I’ve been blessed to hang out…

  • With a great number of amazing men & women who have given every part of their lives to Jesus.
  • I’ve gotten to know a pastor in Armenia, for example, who, during the Soviet days, chose prison rather than keeping quiet about Jesus.
  • They made his life miserable… and yet, now, in his mid-sixties, he continues to be one of the most joy-filled people I’ve met.


And, of course, every time I’ve been to Turkey, I’ve spent time with men and women who are risking everything to follow Christ.

  • All of them have been arrested and harassed by the government over the years…
  • and several have been severely beaten during extended imprisonments.
  • This past year, I met two women, one Armenian and one German… both of whom lost their husbands as Martyrs.