HIS presence in hard places


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Truth is, challenges & hurts & suffering… they’re all a part of our human experience.

  • Obviously, what that looks like is a lot different in one context than another… but, one way or another, we all suffer.
  • I remember reading an article years ago written by a Soviet believer imprisoned for his faith.
  • He said that he prays for Christians in the US… and believes that, with all the distractions we have here
  • that the US is the most difficult place in the world to live out one’s faith in Christ.


You see, because of the brokenness we all, to one degree or another share; And because of the very broken world we all live in,

  • None of us are protected from the frustrating reality that we’re never far from some measure of suffering.
  • Of course, sometimes that suffering comes as a result of our own mistakes & sins

those actions or habits or addictions that promise one thing… but always leave you feeling emptier & lonelier & angrier than you did before.