That’s NOT all, folks!

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I’m so glad that you’re here this Easter Sunday as we focus in on the life & hope we have through the death & resurrection of Jesus.

  • Just two nights ago we celebrated Good Friday… where all of our attention was given to the incredible love of Jesus
  • who sacrificed Himself, on our behalf, on the cross of Calvary.
  • It’s an odd name for such a horrific night, but of course,
  • the reason we call it “Good” Friday is because of what came after it… the resurrection & empty tomb!


You see, the reason His “death” can be celebrated has everything to do with the “life” that follows it.

  • And yet, the sad thing is that, for so many people in the world around us, death is all there is.
  • And I think that’s why, as a culture, we pretty much do everything we can to avoid the subject of death.


It’s why, in America today, fewer and fewer people plan for their death… even though dying has become a pretty expensive proposition.

  • In fact, I don’t know if there’s ever been a culture that has spent more money on death…
  • while giving so little time and attention to what actually comes after death.