The Elijah Chronicles

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For those of you who weren’t here last Sunday, we had invited anyone who wanted to come,

  • To meet together after the service at Fort Nonsense, a fort built by George Washington in 1777 overlooking Morristown.
  • We met there to not only pray over this area… but to ask God to to impart into our own lives, His heart & vision for this area.


Honestly, I was really encouraged… and was full of faith for what God could do through us as a church.

  • I could see the possibilities… and it was exciting. But I could also see the obstacles.
  • And so, it would be up to us to decide whether to measure these obstacles against our own wisdom & strength
  • Or against the wisdom & strength of our God who has given us everything we need to make an eternal difference in this area.


Well, as I’m thinking through all of this, I kept thinking about the Old Testament Prophet, Elijah…

  • Who, in spite of his fears & failures & doubts, made a difference in Israel like few others in Scripture.
  • I just believe that his life and all that God had taught him has significant relevance for all God is wanting to do through us, as a church.


And so, this morning, I’d like to look at the life of Elijah as chronicled in 1 Kings 16-18.

  • So, if you have your Bible, go ahead and turn to 1 Kings 16:29.

And as you do, I’d like to unpack for you a little of what the political scene was like leading to Elijah’s introduction here.