Transforming How I See & Use Money

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Good morning, everyone! I want to welcome you again to the Vineyard and to our 50 Days of Transformation series,

  • Where, we’re pursuing transformation in seven dimensions of our lives.
  • We’ve already looked at our spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and relational
  • Next week we’re going to look at vocational health.
  • But today we’re going to focus on something that Jesus spoke about over and over again, and that is, financial health.


Truth is, Jesus actually talked more about money than he did about heaven or hell or prayer.

  • In fact, except for the Kingdom of God, Jesus spoke more about money & possessions than any other issue.
  • Nearly half of all of the parables that Jesus relate to money. That’s 16 out of 38 Parables!
  • In the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke one out of every six verses relates in some way to this subject. And, why?


Well, we know why! Because of the way money & finances can dominate our lives, influencing us for either good or bad.

  • We spend so much of our time thinking about it, working for it, earning it, studying it, saving it and investing it.
  • And so, because of that, unless we learn to manage our financial health, our finances will manage us.
  • Robbing us of the joy that we’re meant to have as we walk out our everyday lives “in Christ.”