Wired to Serve

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I was reading a Psychology Today article a few days ago about a very successful & wealthy businessman.

  • This guy, was filled with ambition and was at the top of his game. It was in his blood.
  • As young man, he was always reading profiles of all the heroes of Wall Street…
  • Stories of successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s who were higher up on the corporate ladder than he was.


Of course, he loved reading these stories because they fueled his own drive to the top.

  • Now, initially, the ages of everyone he was reading about were older than he was, which worked out great…
  • Because, he always had it as his goal that when he got to their age, he would at least be where they were.


But, one day, the incredibly successful entrepreneur he was reading about

  • Who had climbed far higher than he had on the corporate ladder… turned out to be younger than he was.
  • And when he saw that, he felt a pain inside his gut.


You see, as long as the stories were about people who were older, he could tell himself that he would one day out-climb him or her.

  • But now there was someone on a faster track than he was.

And, as the years went by, there were more and more stories about men & women who were younger… and more successful… who had climbed higher than he had.