Every week, volunteers of all ages and abilities are digging in, reaching out, and making a difference. They work hard, play hard, and enjoy an incredible sense of community.

God has designed each of us to play a unique role in the work He is doing. We will help you find your place in one of the many opportunities, from playing guitar to playing with kids, from running sound to running a vacuum, from serving coffee to welcoming visitors. All Vineyard volunteers receive on-the-job training with flexible schedules, job security, and fringe benefits, like getting connected to a dynamic group of dedicated, caring, and loving people. The only requirements are a willing heart, a few spare hours and the desire to do something significant with your life. Best of all, no experience is required!

Give us a call at the church office, 973-292-9703, or email us at office@ourvineyard.org for information on current opportunities.