Emerge exists to connect our teens upward (in worship), inward (in community), and outward (in mission). Our passion is to…


To ignite the hearts of our teens and to fan a flame of passion for the heart of God by providing a safe, loving, friendly environment which deeply values His presence, worship, and kingdom values.


To supply our youth with the tools necessary to shape their Christian walk and advance the Kingdom of God… where called leaders minister foundational teaching from God’s Word, lead in inspired worship, and commit to pray for every teen.


To inspire ownership of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and to create opportunities in which every teen can use his/her gifts to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and minister to others.


To see this generation emerge as that unique “people of God” who redefine for our region what church is and how average people can intimately connect with an amazing God.


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